Golden Secret/Secret Doré

Prix de vente :
290 EUR
Livraison incluse assurée par l'artiste
Type d'œuvre
Œuvre unique
L. 2,2 x H. 2,2 x P. 2,2 cm
500 g
Œuvre signée par l'artiste
À la demande
Certificat d'authenticité
À la demande
Unique piece, signed; 24c gilded brass wire entwined around crystal. Chain necklace 14 c gold-filled / Sent in signature sachet and special packing, assuré directly from artist's studio Can also be ordered in pure gold; priced according to size. contact by message- mail Pièce unique, signée, fil de laiton doré 24c avec cristal à l'intérieur. Collier chaîne en plaqué or 14 carats/ Expédition dans son étui et emballage spécial, assurée, direct de l'atelier. Vous pouvez aussi le commander en or 18 carats ; prix selon la taille. contact: message-mail

A propos de l'artiste

Painting, sculpture or design, my work is always inspired by nature- land, sea and sky/cosmos.

WHY THE SPHERES? Being round - that proverbial perfectr shape - spheres are indigenously harmonious entities. They fit in everywhere, integrating the spaces and elements of their surroundings. Standing or suspended, they also evoke freedom of movement, mystery, and a bit of magic. I first created a sphere for a public garden aiming to make a sculpture to which everyone could relate. A piece that would naturally share the environment of the magnificent nature of the park. A sphere was my logical choice.I became intrigued by the challenge of using rough, brute materials - not generally intended for roundness or delicateness. Gradually, I experimented with various strong metallic wires, which would exert their forces in the play of tension/counter-tension to make a round form. I wanted the wires to bring beauty and colour to the sphere. Eventually I worked with all types of metal wires and bars. Iron, bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, but also enameled copper, silver and gold. CoercIng lengths of wire into a perfect sphere, whie at the same time, allowing transparency thro\' the layers of curving wire presents an interesting challenge. The more transparency in the sphere, the more difficult it is to confirm the solidity/stability of its roundness. But the play of light on and within the sphere is joyous and magical.It is interesting to note the difference between ball and sphere. A sphere, like a ball is round, but unlike a ball whose surface is a solid, closed mass, the sphere confirms its roundness in a configuration of circles. The sphere - π3 R4 - is the structure maintaining the interior volume/ball. The spheric forms within my spheres are held in central suspension, creating sphere within sphere in sphere...