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Bruxelles / Belgique

Olya Tsoraeva is a Russian artist living in Brussels. During her studies in the High School of Visuals Arts of La Cambre (Belgium) in a scenography class, Olya started making storyboards for short films and commercials, and continued creating settings for theatres and cinemas. Working in the film industry influenced her artistic creativity and pushed her to seek a universal language that can be used in any genre of art. The artist does not limit herself to only one type of art and is free to work in the fields of drawing, painting and video. Her works have been purchased by private collectors from Germany, Belgium, France and Russia. The video clips she made have been nominated for many international film festivals, such as Athens Video Art Festival (Greece), Grenzland Film Festival (Germany), ID Fest (UK), BornShorts Film Festival (Denmark), Bogota Film Festival (Colombia), ASFF (UK) and many others.

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