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Type d'œuvre
Œuvre unique
Peinture, Dessin, Installation
Sur demande
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À la demande
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À la demande
In this creative experience, the participants are at the core of the creative process. This multimedia installation is offering an interactive immersive environment generated in real time from the presence and the movements of the visitors. The participants move through the process of transformation by immersing themselves in the interactive installation. The pictorial and musical multimedia work then totally immerses them. The image, position and movements of the bodies of the participants are recorded in real time and in this way, their physical presence generates and activates a multimedia work that is constantly developing The entire work is based on the actions of the participants, who are set at the core of the creative experience. Immersed in the visuals and sounds of the installation, the participants are placed in a state of self-questioning. Their images, positions and movements… all transform the universe that is being observed, becoming the material that is used to constitute the different layers of the work. Participants become aware of "entering the process of creation" of a world of constantly evolving images and sounds, which are revealed by their own presence. Creative team: B2Fays / Artist - Mathieu Constans / multimedia Artist

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