Marie-Claire D’ARMAGNAC

Biography (english)


 Marie-Claire D’ARMAGNAC

She was born in Sant’Andrea di Cotone ( Corsica) Her surname ( birth) is Marie-Claire Cortesi. 

In her mind, something indefinable, because her mother, gives her birth 4 months after the death of Rodolphe Cortesi, her father.

She was 19, when she gets married in Antibes (France), with André DARMAGNAC. Her paint, signed by her marital name, also shows her attachment in Gascony,  her heart’s earth.

One of her reflexion on painting:”The paint it’s for me live in heart of chaos and hang the Star… Find the thread of Ariane  who will allow me to seize this life,  that I see springing in the color, the shape and light!”

Artist in a soul. A diploma and contest (to satisfy her mother) open for her the doors of the Public Service. She resigns very fast. Other horizons attract Marie-Claire. Since her earliest childhood, she likes to be alone in her room, to spend hours to draw. Already, she invents a world by escaping in clouds, lengthened on the back, in front of the sea at Cap d’Antibes ( Francia) where her mother is remarried and gave her two sisters. Victor, her stepfather, whom she calls “dad”  often said : “You will be painter, I know it” She’s 10 years old. Victor likes her first real painting. He present it, in an gallery, street James Close , to Antibes... Sold! Then, she takes lessons of drawing and paint, she’s passionate by the Art History.  

Gascony, in the southwest of France In 1972, she settles down in Gers, her husband’s native land. This country that Guy de Maupassant compares at theTuscany. Away from mirages of French Riviera, she enters in a new deeper and more true life.

Colourist, visionary and dreamlike, she oscillates permanently between sweetness and violence…

In her veins flows the blood of her Corsican origins who never lies, already offers a strong character into her blazing  colors. Our emerging artist spends all her time painting, tries various technics, works on various supports, documents, make small exhibitions and meet influential persons in the country. Among the painters who enchanted her, we find Chagall, Turner, Gauguin, Klimt, Lenor Fini, Odilon Redon, Klimt, Caspar David Friedricht, Tamara de Limpicka, Nicolas de Stael, Hopper , Andrew Wyeth …  

Anatomy drawings Between 1980 and 1985, she will realizes for Philippe Souchard, drawings and postures for numerous  works of Kinesitherapy among which some are edited in the Editions of Medicine Maloine.  

Debuts of career 1980 is for her a watershed year, with an first big extramural exhibition to the Cultural Center in Agen ( Francia) In the town, her posters are next to those of the painter Uria Monzon who exposes to the Museum. Happy momen! In addition; her exhibition hits the headlines regional of  daily newspapers: “ The  Marie-Claire D'ARMAGNAC's celestial fugues” Conquered, the journalist writes on a “ woman-flower” a “ bird-painter”…

Enthusiasm by these happy events, her husband encourages his wife  to appear in Toulouse. He doesn’t hesitate to accompany his painter with her works in a gallery : Galerie du Taur Very good contact with the brothers Laffont; which will result in an exhibition every two years until 1988, when the gallery closes its doors. She decides In 1987 to rejoin Paris by train, with ten paintings in her luggage. She enters the Vanuxem Gallery and Castiglione Gallery. FR3 Toulouse TV realizes an interview on her exhibition  in 1983.

State orders between 1984 and 1987, she will realize 4 state orders emanating from what was called at that time, the Ministry of Post within the framework of the 1%   A true painter 1989, she stops all her activities ( she was reporter) to dedicate herself completely to the paint. S

he’s affiliated at Maison des Artistes and member of ADAGP

1989: Personal exhibition in Madrid University 1991 : She enters to Guigné Gallery Paris 2004,

For the Dali Centenary, in the Gallery “ Au Temps qui passe” Switzerland, she participates in a big exhibition including five painters. Among them: Boucheix and Louedin.   Her exhibitions follow one another In the USA, Germany, Switzerland, China, Canada, Japan etc.

Free from coercion, without master or school, without artistic movement that interferes her mind, Marie Claire D’ARMAGNAC painted freely without looking at her contemporaries. Her work which comes from “nowhere” as she likes saying it, is essentially lyric, dreamlike while being marked with several mind questions, as the famous painting by Gauguin : “ Who are we? What do we make ? Where do we go?

“Between abstraction and figuration, different pictures appear and stop our look! It’s easy for us to interpret them according to our actual mood…D’ARMAGNAC doesn’t paint the reality, she transforms it…” JL Avril - Art Critic  

Monumental theater sets between 1983 and 1989; she will paint monumental sets in the Eauze’s Arenas, for shows organized by Paul Barrière, with Comic Opera Paris's Artists etc.  

An unusual story Among one of these theatre sets: a Virgin “ Macarena” realized for the operetta “ Andalusia” will be noticed by the Bullfighting Club d’Eauze. By a religious ceremony, this painting is sacred for became “ Arenas’s Virgin” It is conducted in procession in the Chapel of Arenas every year in July.  

She meets an important person 1998 is a significant events in her life : she meets her art dealer.

She works with him under exclusivity during ten years. He edits on her paintings several books. Since 1998, her works are regulary presented in France in auctions. She’s present in the reference’s works and official quotation as Artprice, Akoun etc. In June 2000, one of her paintings is sold by SOTHEBY’s New-York ( Arvalue)    

Collections in France and foreigner

An exhaustive list of her exhibitions would be too long

Let us note that her signature is represented in numerous particular collections in France, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, England, Canada, Japan, China, New Caledonia, Ivory Coast, and in the collection Zichy-Thyssen- Florida.  

A book On 2009, she meets Henriqueta Castanhinha who buy paintings. The two women become friend. Poet and musician,  Henriqueta lives in Portugal… She realizes and edits an art book “ Resonances” on 40 paintings exposed to the Gallery Au Temps qui Passe in Switzerland  

Recent exhibitions November and December 2012; ART FAIR SHANGHAI and ART FAIR SHENZHEN ( China)  presented by ART CHAUVIN EXPERT November-December 2012 and January 2013, exhibition: Plexus Art Gallery in Montreux Switzerland May 2013 Guest of honour in frame 43° Art Fair Eauze Guest of honour : Castenaudary   Programmed exhibitions From November 15th till December 14th : personal exhibition Valera Gallery Tarbes ( Francia) 2014- Pusada Viseo Portugal en 2018 - 

  To note On November 1989, her car is broken in Nice ( French Riviera) and 10 paintings are stolen. On 1995, 17 paintings disappear in the USA. So far nothing has been found