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Trieste / Italie

Fulvio Tomasi was born in Trieste on April 16th 1963. In Trieste he attended the Art Institute and the "Etching Free School C.Sbisà". He has been etching since 1991 and showing since 1992. He does actually prefer graphic techniques and in particular etching with its technical and linguistic developments.The Exit"Let's try to imagine a single element of a structure (the human being) and let's try now to imagine this structure made of these elements set each other (the society). Then every element is in contact with other elements (individual family and social sphere). As he sets and codifies with some acknowledgment parameters the element that surround himself, so everyone of this elements achieves his operation over him. In time this parameters solidify and shape a refractory body, not prone to change. But the problem does not subsist until the element does not cultivate awareness of his occlusion mechanism. The elements limit themselves to develop and evolve like that, will surely heve their specific element's problem but not this, since they not recognize it or if they smell it, they act like nothing never happened and like steadfast sapients they accuratly remove it. So the challenger element has one more problem, but how can he face it? Its own nature limits its borders.Maybe...imagination marks the problem, imagination resolves the problem."Fulvio Tomasi, January 20th 200

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