Dłońpar Ceui


Oeuvre d'Art Originale

Titre Dłoń (#130006)
Origine NOWA SOL, Poland
Dimensions H. 30 x L. 40 x P. 0 cm
Poids 0,5 kg

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Description de la Composition

Y. Goulais, noted that the artists are taking any mission - consisting mostly to fight through the works against evil, stupidity, suffering and poverty wherever it develops, and particularly in the prison of towns. It proclaims our hope in man and its always possible improvement. The hope is robust, lies on the basis of activity, although the initiative should come from the draft Criminal Division, which is the city - from the prisoners, they are residents or their guardians such as steward cities. These divagations were the basis of the "Code inconnu" by Andrew Kruszewski shown in Zielona Góra and selected individual exhibitions: Traden Roma, Eschatology, Inconu Code (unknown code), Extracted from the body, "Act with Takt", Act of one day. Collective exhibitions: Year of the Family (the invitation of UNESCO), Bienale Photography Special techniques, SACRUM in art, Abusing the earth, Academy of imagination, Cyberfoto 2000.

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H. 30 x L. 40 cm


H. 30 x L. 40 x P. 0 cm