Artist Biography

The works of Sempéré inhale the serenity of a master having known how to make his ranges and possessing profoundly the pictorial theory.Born in Algeria, its paintbrush often evokes without preciousness the paradise lost with its palm trees, its minarets, its Moresque architectures, his hoarse women and the " violent sweetness of its climate ".But the painter was going to try other lights, those which charmed the large founders of Barbizon (Theodore
Rousseau, Millet, Corot...). This Mediterranean is immersed in autumnal splendours of Fontainebleau's forest planting his easel along the Loing, as if this man coming from the south and the heat rested, in the wet north of the Loire, from the excessive Maghrebian heats.
The sea and its human sizes still however attract him. He leaves to paint Brittany, its fishermen, its houses with black roofs but it is for better returning from there to Mare Nostrum. Because Sempéré feels the need to drop anchor in the Var. And his brush at once exulte being enivrant of blue. He paints St Elme, Brusc, the Cape Sicier. But this artist does not let himself imprison per nothing and he does not hesitate to represent the church of Bizerte drawing up its very Européen Bell-tower in a Tunisian sky paradoxically worked like that of Auvers-on-Oise by a Van Gogh returned with the Christian mysteries.Bernard Oustrières