Artiste Jaime ALTIERI - Peintre -



Altieri Jaime J., was born on 1953 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
His grandfather, Cipriano Olivieri, a lawyer, enrolled him on the studio-academy of the Argentinian painter; Antonio Gantes. At the age of ten, Altieri went for his first lessons in the art of painting. At seventeen he started formal studies in painting at the School of Fine Arts of The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. There, he met Fran Cervoni, a Puerto Rican impressionist painter who took him under his guidance for three years and became his most admired teacher. It was him who encouraged Altieri to continue his studies in Europe. Later, Altieri will go to Spain and study at the prestigious Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, at Madrid. There, he was influenced by the Old Masters of El Prado Museum; where he attended daily to make studies of Goya and El Greco. At his return to Puerto Rico, he continued painting for many years in an Impressionistic style, mostly working on landscapes, portraits and still lifes. Finally, he decided to create his own universe. He developed a symbolic dimension, lyrical in nature, that was to be called later, "maravillosismo"; by local art critics. Altieri, works at the present in his studio at Old San Juan and sells his paintings in local galleries.