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Introducing Veta Belinskaya, a talented creative and artist born in Moscow in 1987. From an early age, Veta was fascinated by fashion and beauty, and began exploring her creative side through discovering various artistic medias, among which drawing and theater.


Driven by a deep passion for beauty and a personal struggle to fully appreciate their own artistic expression, they first pursued a degree in politics before ultimately discovering their true calling in the creative `arts."


Obtaining a degree in politics, but frustrated with the limitations of the subject matter she decided to pursue her true passion - art. Choosing a more “convenient” way of self-expression and enrolling for a Fashion Design course at Hertfordshire University in Moscow, first creative hub that brough together specialists from various creative fields.


During fashion studies,, Veta found her true artistic voice through experimentation with various mediums and art spheres. Her approach to fashion has always been through an artist's lens, seeing it as a medium for self-expression and exploration. After graduating, Veta practiced her fashion skills working for famous designer house like Manish Arora and finally created her own conceptual fashion brand, that participated in prestigious events such as Moscow and Paris Fashion Weeks.

However, as life took unexpected turns and events beyond her control transpired, Veta found herself increasingly drawn to pure artistic expression and realizing her own creative projects.

Veta's artistic journey has been one of self-discovery and exploration of her personal shadow sides both in her fashion collections and now in the paintings and multi-media art.


Her art is a visual exploration of the intersection between technology and humanity. Silhouetted images of shadows with a glitch effect highlight the fragmented and disrupted nature of our increasingly digitized world and the notion of "self" in it, as well as the fleeting and ephemeral nature of human relationships and their impact on the "self". She believes that the process of "shadow work" is essential for personal growth, and her art serves as a visual manifestation of that journey towards self-awareness and healing.


Her ongoing study challenges the notion that our shadow selves are solely comprised of negative traits. Instead, she emphasizes the beauty and complexity that lies within us all. Her work invites viewers to celebrate their own colourful shadow selves and embrace the full spectrum of their being.


Veta's unique perspective and dedication to her craft make her an artist to watch in the coming years, as she continues to push the boundaries of her creativity and explore new ways of expression.



Cette œuvre d'art présente trois silhouettes d'ombres projetées sur un mur ou le sol d'une rue, créées à l'aide de peintures acryliques et de spray noir, blanc et gris. Le schéma de couleurs monochromatique crée un contraste saisissant entre la lumière et l'obscurité, mettant en valeur les ombres et offrant une atmosphère urbaine et brute. L'application texturée de la peinture ajoute de la profondeur et du mouvement à l'ensemble.
Information du lot
Type d'œuvre
Œuvre unique
Date de création
Technique mixte
L. 60 x H. 80 x P. 3 cm
Œuvre signée par l'artiste
Certificat d'authenticité

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Artiste Vendeur
Elizaveta Belinskaya –
Née le : 05/03/1987
Membre de ARTactif depuis le 31/01/2023
Représenté par la galerie : ARTactif
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