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Sterke Xavier Dit Xjf


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  • Musique de la couleur - The Fear
  • Musique de la couleur - Cotton club
  • Musique de la couleur - Devant la psyché

2020 Nouvel atelier. Visite sur RDV

2018. Installation sur Chatelaillon Plage

2017 Installation sur La Rochelle...
2014 Exposition galerie CIC Winci et LTAET,
       repro sur métal et toiles
2013 oeuvres numériques sur métal; Expo à Tours
- 2011 "Le Temps Art et Thé" Permanent exhibition. 2010 Art au quotidien. Exhibition in Vincy Tours - France-2009 New exhibition in Lobis Jazz - New Site
- 2007 travel in the middle east... Egypt
- 2006:  He enters like member to the National  Federation of Beautiful Arts and continues its course with great exhibitions in France and across the borders (New York, Montreal, Cairo).
- 2005:  The exhibitions are connected and its career takes its take-off. He finishes the year with a participation in the prestigious  Show of the National Federation of Beautiful Arts to the Carrousel from Louvre in Paris where he receives the award. Universe of Arts.
- 2003:   He launches out in the creation of canvas on chassis to the original formats and works the concept of destructuration of the framework and on the polyptiques ones. Carried by the enthusiasm of criticisms of art and the increasing interest of the public it takes part in various shows on Paris and abroad (Rome, Barcelona, Florence), gains many awards and distinctions and enters in quotation at Drouot.

Braque and Picasso could be influenced by Africa but they in retained only solidified, hieratic and funeral masks, whereas the African masks was made to dance, request, vibrate. From Africa, Sterke brings back the light to us. A heat light, full of ignited dust, orange ochres and butters. The heat of the ripe fruits gorged with suns. And it is one of the virtues of its canvas. On a white wall, in the coldness of the winter twilights, they put quantities of calories, dance on the walls, bring this so specific energy and this joy to this continent. There is of the harlequin and the pastrycook at this man: sugar, almond and carnival, women, fruits and festival. Neither cemeteries, nor Guernica. Ah! Its jibs the felouques ones on bottom of blocks of granite of Aswan! The doves of Valéry can fly away well? Alexandre Poussin - Africatrek   -october 2006