Artiste Roger RENARD - Peintre - Oil on canvas



Roger Renard's experience in painting restoration has trained his eye and his hand to master over a wide spectrum of approaches to the canvas. He creates intimate portraits imbued with subtle irony and humor, and surrealist landscapes which vary from Dali-esque playful to sublime, unique visions. His impressionistic nature scenes show an expertise in composition, while his abstracts present themselves with quiet confidence and symmetry. In his "grand tableaus" Renard brings together all aspects of his styles, creating visionary portraits of floating dreamscapes. Paintings which possess a fractured quality while at the same time convey the wholeness of narrative, and psychological detail. They are deliberately unmoored from reality, and are instead grounded in a more personal surrealism. Painterly lines split up the canvases, reminding us of their multiple layers, both physical and psychological. Despite the variety of his styles, Renard?s work always maintains a connection to the human condition, whether it?s in humor, eroticism, dream images or the beauty of design. Roger Renard has brought together traditions both historical and personal to create paintings that challenge as they invite; they are dreams, but we have our place in them.