Artiste Eléna PAROUCHEVA - Plasticien, Peintre - Technique mixte


Plasticien, Peintre

Elena was born in Bulgaria, graduate of the fine arts at the University of Veliko Tirnovo "Sants Cyrille and Méthode".
Lives and work in France since 1991.
Artist plastician, works in the fields of painting, the sculpture, the installations, the artistic actions, the public orders. For several years, it has developed its project on Art and the Environment: "Sculptures and Installations High Voltage". Acquisitions: Museum of Modern art "Peter Ludwig" - Aachen (Germany) Ministry for the Culture - Sofia (Bulgaria) National Museum of Visual arts - Sofia (Bulgaria) University "Clement d' Ohrid" - Sofia (Bulgaria) Municipal Fund of Contemporary art - Blois (France) Museum of Beautiful Arts - Yambol (Bulgaria) Museum of Beautiful Arts - Sliven (Bulgaria) Museum of Contemporary art - Lisbon (Portugal) Foundation "Art in Bulgaria" (Bulgaria) Regional Fund of Contemporary art of the Ardennes (France) Galleries permanently: Gallery "Orsel" - Paris Gallery "Celine" - Paris Gallery "Aktuaryus" - Strasbourg