Nadel Nadège Michel

Presentation gallery Artist

Our permanent artists

The choice of diversity

Artists are very different one to each other, which is preferred to our Gallery . Diversity represented in both materials and techniques (paintings , sculptures, photographs, drawings, prints , decorative items … ) in trends and world symbolized by works ranging from abstraction to figuration via Street Art , Art Singular , Surrealism … Thousands of artists from all countries have trusted us to exhibit and promote their works in our galleries both in France and abroad: Antwerp , Barcelona, ​​Berlin , Dubai, Geneva , Hong Kong, Montreal , Moscow, Beijing , Sao Paulo , Seoul, Shanghai and New York, where we set every year since 2008.

A big thank to all those who participated and still participate in our great artistic adventure. We will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Artitude Gallery in 2016 , that is to say very soon!