Artiste Aline MASCLE - Peintre - Acrylique sur toile
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  • Expressionisme abstrait - Rugby
  • Expressionisme abstrait - Le petit train jaune
  • Expressionisme abstrait - Bonheur intense
  • Expressionisme abstrait - Domus aurea
  • Expressionisme abstrait - Isis le Chat
Born in 1961 in Perpignan, France, "In the center of the World" in reference to Salvador Dali. Coming from a long lineage of artists, Aline is an abstract expressionism painter as well as a lyric soprano singer. Aline developed an interest in the creative process at an early age, participating in her first exhibition at age fifteen. She acquired the technique of figurative art at high school in France, encouraged by two Fine art teachers. Aline then used charcoal and oil pastels, painting portraits, nudes, and landscapes. The sensation she felt by touching the material, made her feel closer to her work. She completed her studies of Computer science at Snow College, UT, USA, where she also refined her skills. Even though it was necessary for her to acquire basic figurative art skills, she wanted to "fly away", to "liberate" herself from this style of art. Aline was then progressively drawn to abstract expressionism and action painting. This art characterizes the importance of body movement in the work. Eventually artists like Willem De Kooning influenced her. Aline is currently residing in southern France.

2008: Ico Gallery, Tribeca, New York, NY, USA - "Heat" collective exhibition.
2008: Museum of Art & Traditions, Thuir, P.O. FRANCE - Solo exhibition.
2006-2007: Local galleries, Pyrénées-Orientales, FRANCE - 4 solo and collective exhibitions.
2006: Seventh International Art Competition, Salt Lake City, UT, USA - Collective exhibition.
2005: Palais des Congrès, Perpignan, P.O., FRANCE - Collective exhibition.