Do you have faith In what you believe?par Weiten - De Waha

Do you have faith In what you believe?,

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Titre Do you have faith In what you believe? (#203656)
Vendu par Weiten - De Waha
Origine DIFFERDANGE, Luxembourg
Dimensions H. 150 x L. 100 x P. 2.50 cm
Poids 5 kg

EUR 950,00
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Description de la Composition

We walked the narrow path, Beneath the smoking skies. Sometimes you can barely tell the difference Between darkness and light. Do you have faith In what we believe? The truest test is when we cannot, When we cannot see. I hear pounding feet in the, In the streets below, and the, And the women crying and the, And the children know that there, That there's something wrong, And it's hard to believe that love will prevail. Songwriter: Graeme Revell / Graeme Charles Revell / Jane Siberry

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