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Khatuna Kvachi
Tbilisi / Géorgie

I was born on March 4, 1973 Georgia, in Tbilisi. I entered to Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts in 1991. I worked in the studio honored Artist of Georgia and Russia Dr.Gogi (George) Totibadze. In 1998 I defended a diploma on the topic ,,BALLERINAS,, and my summary was Professor Dimitri Takaishvili. My diploma was the highest level of art. In 1999-2001 I entered a graduate student at the faculty of painting. I am master’s degree and I become a member of the Artist’ Union of Georgia. I had personal exhibitions, in Hotel Tbilisi Marriott, in Hotel Metekhi, in Blue Gallery, in Gallery Karvasla, in Gallery TMS.... I had participated in joint exhibition to Georgia as well as in various countries.

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New beginning