Patrickpar Artroger


Oeuvre d'Art Originale

Titre Patrick (#76363)
Origine MALAGA, Spain
Dimensions H. 18 x L. 24 cm
Poids 0,5 kg

Oeuvre Vendue

Description de la Composition

Get outa me garden Ya Snakes Ya! And Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland in 432 AD. Watercolour painting, 18 x 24 cm. (7 x 9.5 in) on 300gm (140 lb) cold pressed acid free paper. “So, what are you doin´ for Paddy´s Day in Fuengirola? “Agh, the usual routine on St Patrick´s Day, Mass, J.Bs then El Castillo for Richie´s Dublin Coddle”. Guaranteed no shortage of chat, craic, singin´ and drink! I always thought that Saint Patrick was all to do with drink, a day off school and work, pubs closed and a dog show in the RDS in Dublin. But NO!

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