love - giving it awaypar Artroger

love - giving it away,

Oeuvre d'Art Originale

Titre love - giving it away (#34635)
Origine MALAGA, Spain
Dimensions H. 12 x L. 20 cm

Collection Privée

Description de la Composition

FREE, GRATIS, LIBRE. LOVE - GIVING IT AWAY Unlimited edition image for screen, inkjet and laser media, recommended size 12cm x 20cm. This is the first in Roger Cummiskey´s ongoing series of 'unlimited' edition prints, devised to enable everyone to become a collector of his work.Now available here for a limited period to download free under a Creative Commons license. For those of you who would still like to have Roger's 'real' signature, along with an authenticating stamp, on the work's verso, you can send your print of the image along with an adequately sized, stamped, self-addressed envelope to the studio: However, the studio and Roger Cummiskey cannot be held responsible for any prints that are lost, damaged, or overlooked.

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H. 4 x L. 6 cm