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Bucarest / Roumanie

Painting teacher. Painter from a walone family, returned in Romania alter the Nantes Edict (1711) , from the Land of Condruz - near Liege. He starts to paint at 12 years. in Bucharest exposing since 1985 being a period of beuinning after Henry Maxi and Spiru Chintila the third cubist painter from Romania with works inspired by the rural images, with a very personal touch. He participates to the national expositions, last time in 2000. Before the revolution, he had a series of personal and group expositions in Bucharest. After the revolution he organizes at Bankcoop the first private exposition, in a private institution since the war from Rumania, followed by the Bankcoop Art Award in 1994 as a painter. He was the assistant of the regretted Sever Frentiu which has a great influence on his way of thinking. Starting 1992 there are numerous foreign expositions: - Heimat Museum und Weidhofen ad. Thaia - Waldevierte Gallery - Sparkasse Bank Austria - Menahem Elias Foundation of the Rumanian Academy' from Vienna - The first Exposition at the French Club 1993 1995-1999 painter for ING Barings Bank (more than 100 works for Bucharest, Timi.5oara. Cluj. Constanta). In 1994, influenced by the paintings of Pierre Bonnard and Claude Monet he starts rethinking cerebrally the colors giving birth to an abstract style with figurative trend and a benefic impact on the human psychic called "sensation" by the English and "anti-stress" by the French. 1996- Exposition in Baltimore - United States - My daddy's Gallery 1997- France - Maison Felix Gallery - Montigny les Bretonneux - Herouette Gallery 1998 - The Gallery of Credite Lionaise -44 Avenue Marceaux Paris 2000 -On Top gallery of Bucharest CityBank. 2003-Expo group a ,,Barna" gallery-Barcelona(carer 27 Saint Eusebio);2007-licitation d"une oeuvre a Metz;2006-expo de group a Hotel Crillon-Paris -Place de la Concorde;2007-expo solo a Cluj Napoca-Roumanie-galerye,,Aliance des Artes";2008-Union Center Bucharest;

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Le travail artistique de Marian CONDRUZ

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