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Seymour BOTTEX
Petionville / Haïti
Seymour BOTTEX

Bottex is considered on of the 'Old Masters' of 20th century Haitian art.Seymour Bottex was born on Christmas Eve, 1922 in Port Margot in the north of Haiti. His grandfather was an important General in the Haitian Army. After finishing secondary school he worked for some years as a photographer. Around 1955, encouraged by his older brother, Jean-Baptiste, another well known artist, he began to do drawings in color. In 1961 he joined the Centre d'Art and in 1969 began to paint in the atelier of the Galerie Issa. His style is distinctive; He uses bright colors and strong lines to depict the everyday occurrences in Haiti from colonial generals to market women to voudou gods. His paintings often have a surreal touch. Seymour was one of the painters commissioned by Bishop Voegli to paint the walls and ceiling of the Cathedral Episcopal in Port-au-Prince. To this day, these murals are considered the most important achievement in Haitian modern art. Bottex is best known for his biblical themes as well as scenes from historical and Haitian life. Biography courtesy of Gallery Macondo.

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