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Bucuresti / Roumanie

- Born Moldova 1975 - Graduate School of Art, 1991-1994 to published graphic design department - Graduate of the Faculty of Theology, 1994-1999, Department of Cultural Heritage (painting and restoration Canticle. works - Restoration Church, Church Kretzulescu Bucharest Giurgiu Cathedral, painted by the same artist Teodor Tatarascu. - Planning and design, restaurants, cafebaruri and others. Former employee - Lukoil Romania, as a specialist reviewer looks Art DESIGN Vasilatii Anatilie executes • oil painting any medium - wood, canvas, cardboard, metal plates, any theme and current; renscentism, Fauvism, Surrealism, abstract, cubism • painting icons after ancient traditions, canon made ​​in the Byzantine style, Russian, Renaissance, Neoclassical • mural in the ancient techniques of at least 300 years, and up to the most modern techniques in terms of execution mural folosindumi heritage restoration works • metal engraving, linoleum, wood • graphic • stained glass of any type and any technical • bas-relief sculpture, coats of arms, sockets, decorative pillars, statues ... the material of plaster, wood, stone, marble, bas-relief • experience in textiles draperies, upholstery, embroidery, medieval flags • carpentry, wood and metal for architectural projects, • architecture and interior design and gardens • painting in tempera, watercolor, pastel, epoxy resin, ciara • Restore icon on wood • restoration fresco mural picturara, • stained glass restoration • restoration of heritage objects and art in wood

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