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  • All of the works on the ARTactif site, whatever their nature might be, are the exclusive property of the artists. Any reproduction or representation, complete or partial, done without the permission of the author, is illicit and constitutes a counterfeit.

  • The law authorizes only copies or reproductions reserved for the private use of the copyist and not intended for collective use on the one hand and, on the other hand, solely for analysis and short citations with the aim of example and illustration.

  • France benefits from the “law of intellectual property” (loi sur la propriété intellectuelle) and, outside of France, from the protection of authors’ rights in all countries signatory to the Berne Conventione.

  • All of the elements figuring on our ARTactif site are protected by the stipulations of the Intellectual Property Code (Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle). In consequence, any reproduction of these elements, complete or partial, or an imitation without our express prior and written consent, is forbidden. Otherwise, the use of data contained on the present site is at the sole responsibility of the user. We cannot in any case, or for any reason, be held responsible, whatever may be the consequences. We are not responsible for any error or omission on the present site
Extract from the Intellectual Property Code
"335-2 Any edition of writing, musical composition, design, painting or other production, imprinted or engraved in entirety or partially, in disrespect of the rules and regulations relative to the property of yhe authors, is a forgery; and every forgery is an offence.

In France, the forgery of works published in France or in other countries is punished by two years of imprisonment and a fine of 152,500 Euros.

335-3 It is equally a forgery offence to reproduce, represent or distribute, by whatever means available, a work of the mind, in violation of the rights of the author of a software production as defined in Article L 122-6."

  • It is formally forbidden to collect and use data available on the ARTactif site for commercial purposes.

  • For all information concerning the Rights of Authors and current legislation, consult: