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Nico Pearleyes
Evian-les-Bains / France
Nico Pearleyes

Nico Pearleyes is an illustrator from France.

His style is generally figurative with strong colors and surrealists elements and sometimes abstract shapes. His paintings often picture characters in landscapes or life scenes, a little like a reporter or a visual anthropologist. Attracted to drawing by European comics in his childhood, his style draws inspiration from artists like Moebius, Enki Bilal, Mattotti, Schuiten, Durieux, Kilian Eng, etc… He also likes to borrow ideas from the movement of “Ligne Claire” with artists such as Ever Meulen or Joost Swarte, surrealist painting or science fiction.

He is currently developing his career as a freelance illustrator and artist.

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Démarche artistique

Nico usually sketches his ideas on paper before painting them with acrylic. With a special focus on atmospheres, colors and lightning in compositions, his paintings often represent landscapes or sceneries with characters. They look like movie scenes or shots that could be taken by a reporter for Interdimensional geographic or an anthropologist traveling parallel worlds…

Drawing inspiration from the Ligne Claire and comic artists among others, he uses complexity with parsimony in order to highlight a vivid and lively feel (see Synchronicity or the Seouliter - 2021). His work can also include abstract elements, geometrical shapes and mysterious objects or surrealist touches, evoking esoteric or philosophical fantasies. He likes is to bring a sense of otherness in apparently common situations. As if they had been somewhat hijacked from their original meaning.

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