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Artist Biography

La peinture de J. P. Monange:
Imagination et technique.

Who can say this is
reality? We look at the world and state «Here is what exists»,
and are satisfied with certitudes.

But as we look at the
painting of M. J. P. Monange , we are upset: Other realities appear,
superposed to the reality we thought to know. Nevertheless, this one
does not disappear, but it is included and melted into what becomes
other possible worlds, it appears in a different light (besides, the
«Light», the round and red sun, is rarely missing). This
new reality brings us to dream, at each new glance a new dream.

How not to escape into
these new universes which insinuate each detail at each turn? You
cannot know if you still stay in your reality, or if already you have
been trapped: the drawing is of ultimate precision for each
«described «universe, as if the evidence of this one
would equal the evidence of any another, without the slightest flaw,
the meanest incertitude, without a sole forgiving.

Here you will not find any
paste effect, any imprecision. The paintbrush no more exists, it
disappears behind what is shown. What a work, what a technique!

M. A. Forster