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Colombes / France
Artiste Photographe

I get seduced by what I see. To me looking is simply not about knowing about something's presence but it is a way to validate my own presence. I believe that we all exist in context to one another (for example, if you were not reading this statement, the statement might very well not exist) and once that context is taken away we are nothing but specks of dust loitering on a giant ball of dust. I am not a good photographer, nor a good writer, and sometimes maybe not a good person either. The only way for me to know that I am a part of our dusty existence is to look through the lens. I have the annoying need to photograph almost anything, and I have realised that I don't photograph only at times when I am pretending. When I pretend to like my job, or pretend to like the guy I am dating, or pretend to be hungry just to get an extra scoop of ice-cream, those are the times when I stop photographing. And it goes without saying that those are my darkest moments. 

Démarche artistique

I record everything that I see, and most of the time it is not a beautiful moment. I don’t believe in capturing beauty or making things beautiful. I like to document things as they are. I avoid any artificiality that might hinder the process, such as an extra light or a curtain or a posture. I would rather shake or break myself and do all the work than disturb the originality that is around me. My work isn’t the best that you will see around here, but it is something. And maybe someday all the photographs will tell a story that I still haven’t read or haven’t heard of.

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