NATHALIE Arizona duel
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NATHALIE Arizona duel

BIOGRAPHIE : NATHALIE DUJMOVIC ARTISTE PEINTRENathalie Dujmovic is a French artist living in Shanghai and Nice, who has focused on carrying out outdoor site-specific projects, using daily and common objects. Her work typically consists of installations of various sizes expressing her personal or public feelings about different places and experiences.Moved to Hong Kong. Personal development and training on painting and sculpture.Moved to Shanghai. Graduated with a Masters degree in Fine Art from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Australia. Anne Fontaine, Xintiandi, Shanghai, China. Pursue personal exploration about the theme of 'Identity' utilising different media. Hang On: invited by Sea Ranch Gallery to participate at the French Art Festival in Hong Kong. Group exhibitions: Gallery Agnes B, Hong Kong Art Centre. Artist's studio, Suzhou Creek, Shanghai. CHINA DAYLI LIN YANG Press attachée NATHALIE DUJMOVIC / ARTISTE PEINTRE纳塔莉Dujmovic其混合媒体,发出了经过10年的艺术探索渐进的方式,光明的未来。油漆似乎流向和对大量的颜色步行waterfull

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