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Jean-Pierre TAUZIA

Sculpteur, Peintre

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3 Décembre 2014 12:55
I’m a miladiadtary wife of four years, my husadband was maradried to his first wife for 13 years and she will get half of his retireadment and she was getadting 1200.00 a month for their two kids. But since we got maradried he has when back o court and got joint cusadtody of the kids. So that stpeopd the child supadport. I have since stop workading so that I can pick his two kids up and my baby girl up from school…oh did I meanadtion that I have 3 school to go before and after. They all could be going to the same school but his ex-wife dont want them to move and I can’t just move my kid to their school because of the school disadtrict. I have found out that he is still comadmuadniadcatading with his ex.…not just about the kids.…(hint). My queadsion is I’m thinkading about getadting a divorce but can I ask for alimony since I quit my job to help him with his 2a0kids
15 Septembre 2014 05:02
DAVID Marina
Bravo pour votre travail